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Despite short hair in some pictures, i now have LONG hair. A Dom male made me grow my hair and nails to make me appear to the outward world that i am a sissy.
The pictures of me (below) were taken when i was a skinhead/leatherboy.
A skinhead/leatherboy is a VERY powerful , masculine image and way to present yourself to the World.
 A previous Master knocked it in to me that i have no right to do this , since i am a sissy and so my current appearance is one of further feminisation , with long hair , long nails and smooth, shaved body.

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Patara Plaj (Turkie)










Maybe you need help with building work , or , your own construction crew need relief in their rest breaks ? Naturally, the slave wears collars and lead...for you to take him anywhere.








All the following pictures were taken at the Linger nightclub, which i sometimes attend.









Go to http://www.lingerlondon.co.uk/linger_about.htm

for full details


sissybloke was told to go to the Leather Bar. He was told to check in his leather jeans and biker boots and present himself in his lingerie and heels.

He has been in chastity for 16 weeks now and his ONLY sexual zones are his mouth and his arse/kunt. This has programmed him that he is not a "real" man anymore.

He was ordered to serve any cock that demanded servitude!

He has been ordered to add one ring to his ball sac every month - he is now up to 20 rings.




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