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Are you here looking for my face picture?

Firstly , i would have to question , why ?

Have you never employed a cleaner before ?

i do not know of ANY man or woman who approaches a cleaning agency or job-centre, looking for a cleaner , and asks for a picture of prospective candidates ! All you should be concerned about is that i do a good job !

If you are asking me for my face picture it immediately says to me that you are looking to meet me just for sex. You need to be attracted to me , to fuck me !!!

Well, as my profile here and all over the .net states , my servitude is NOT about sex, it is about being put to work as a slave, in order to benefit you.

It should not matter to you what i look like IF you are going to exploit me, to use me as slave labour.

To answer your question though - i DO NOT post or share my face picture.

My mates and family do not know that i am actually a sissy and i want to keep it that way.

The picture at the top of the  "about me" page About Me is a pretty good approximation of what i look like though.

i am of average build, average looking , clean , confidential, hardworking and trustworthy. i think those are the qualities you need in a maid.

As i do state though , any Master/Owner IS within his rights to request sexual services from his slave. In that case , you will just have to wait until you have employed me in person to find out if you want to fuck me !!!

You CAN see other pics of me here though : My Pictures