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Sissybloke ,  seeking a position as an unpaid male maid/slave/gimp, to Alpha Males, in London, U.K.

Update April 2020

All of our lives have changed and the recent Covid-19 isolation lock down means many of us have had to re-evaluate what our needs and desires.

I have re-evaluated mine too.

I am looking for YOU – am I what you seek ?

First things first , I am a beta male , I am a sissy.

You are an Alpha male with assertive , dominant tendencies.

YOU need a sissy slave.

I am DIFFERENT from other sissies.

When I am male , you will not squirm to be seen with me in public. I can accompany you to the pub.
I can do constructive things with you , help fix your car , help do the gardening , help painting and decorating , help in your business, shop , farm etc…

 You can introduce me as a mate to your friends and family , or, your lodger – no one will know what is really happening.

What IS really happening is this….

You will own me as your sissy slave.

Outdoors , I present as a male “equal”  but once inside your domain , your home , your private workplace I am no more than your slave.

In private you will ALWAYS make sure I discard my male clothing and dress 24/7 in the sexiest of lingerie , the highest, sluttiest heels.

For household tasks I perform all of your domestic needs in my maids uniform.

For your sexual needs , I dress as slutty as possible.

You keep me locked in a chastity cage. My cock , my orgasms are insignificant to your needs.

All I am to you are two holes.

A mouth to suck you , to facefuck and a tongue to rim you or clean your feet or clean your ass – just like human toilet paper.

An arse hole for you to fuck. You might also enjoy stretching it too , gaping it, maybe fisting it.

Inside your domain , I am not you “friend” , I am simply a useful piece of property who exists and is trained to take care of your domestic and sexual neds.

You wont be nice, you may even be slightly abusive. Call it domestic abuse if you like.

You will make sure that I know my place and you will train me to serve you in the ways that you need.

When “at rest” you will keep me in bondage , so I cannot escape.

Items will be provided or purchased , at my expense , to keep me as a real time slave. These can include a cage , for me to sleep in , iron or steel collar ,chains/manacles to keep me detained. Ropes , to keep me tied down when you are using my holes. Anything else that you may need , fuck benches , rimming/toilet boxes – whatever you can think of that you need.

I do not expect to be kept for free – I will pay towards the household upkeep , food , utility bills etc…

Your slave should NOT cost you money. You will have totally free servitude from a genuine slave.

When you are fed up of looking at my face or tired of hearing my voice , you will hood me and gag me.

You might even reach a stage where you cant be bothered with “that cunt” for a day or two and simply bind , cage me and leave me in isolation for a few days , just passing food and water in to the cage.

You may or may get pleasure out of seeing other men using me. You may advertise me and offer me to other men, so that they can use my holes too. Hey , you might even see an opportunity in selling my holes to men and make an income off me. You may just want to keep me all to yourself though – that is fine.

So , whatever others may say , you can see , a slave DOES have needs.

My needs are to be able to be a “boy” in public but kept as your sissy “girl” domestic and sex slave in private.


I am not in to impact pain , like spanking , slapping , hitting etc.. so , you will have to use other methods to make me toe the line. I am sure you can think of some.

I am uncomfortable around gender females and other CD’s/TV’s – so , whilst you will continue to be able to use these other subs, I am afraid I cannot be in the same room.

My ideal slave owner will be mature , aged 30 – 59 . He will be dark (dark hair) of any race. He will not have a beer belly but he will be strong. Hairy is a plus. He will be a “Daddy” type.

I am sorry , I just don’t find blonde or very pale skinned smooth haired men appealing and definitely not red headed/ginger men.

If the recent covid lock down had you wishing that you had a slave with you , to do all of your cooking , cleaning, ironing , gardening, help work in your business and take care of your cock – whenever you demanded , then , I am the right one for you. You will also be free to use other submissives.

To you I will just be PROPERTY to be used in ways that you see fit. You will make sure that your property serves you well and cannot escape.


Sir , you may be thinking – this might be a step too far as my priority is that I am seeking Females.

YOW WILL still continue to seek females , continue to seek “the one”. The only difference is that you will now have a sissy installed , taking care of most of your needs whilst you continue to pursue Females. The sissy can be locked away or sent away when you are entertaining Females in your home. Infact , this sissy would have cleaned your house and prepared a meal for you and your female , before her arrival.


Some men contact me and say that they are not in a position to keep me as a domestic slave , as they don’t live alone etc…

I do see all other males as Alpha males and they too have needs. So , I would accommodate these men and serve them sexually in my home. This is NOT the priority of my advert though as I am seeking something more permanent , a more permanent domestic and sex slave , but , I will consider it.


If you are in GENUINE need of an unpaid houseboy/male maid/cleaner/lackkie , then please do get in touch for an honest , reliable, unpaid, service.

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