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أSissybloke ,  seeking a position as an unpaid male maid/slave/gimp, to Alpha Males, in London, U.K.

My website is created for me to seek a position within a male household as a male maid/servant , gimp or slave to a male or a group of males, however, i also offer no strings "cock sucking service" to Alpha Top males in need of a mouth.
If YOU require a "drop in" service , to get your dick sucked , no strings, please do go to my other site , click this graphic,  www.thecocksucker.uk , for full information.


sissybloke - the male maid...

Single London men , no more housework , no more cleaning , no more washing , no more ironing !
This can be your lifestyle !

i am honest , hardworking and trustworthy.
Payment NOT required, i just need to perfect my feminine skills and hopefully , they will benefit someone else.

i am seeking a no-strings position as as Male Maid.

i know you might even be a straight guy ,but , please read on....

The opportunity exists for you to "own" your own domestic maid - no strings , no fee.

You are a single male, you live alone and you hate housework and domestic chores.

i offer cleaning , ironing, gardening, chauffeur services etc... In fact , any way in which you think that you can exploit the work power of a male maid is welcome .

Perhaps office duties ? Mechanic garage duties (clean-up) ? Farm labourer ? Gardener?

Perhaps a male escort who needs a clean up maid on the premises ?

I CAN be that worker for you and i ask for no fee in return.

About me........

In the street i am in my jeans and t-shirt. Hidden beneath the guy clothes though i am ALWAYS wearing stockings , suspenders and panties to remind me that i am not a real man like you , i am a submissive sissy who needs to be taken advantage of by assertive alpha males.

Seeking a guy who loves the notion of power over another and emasculating him.

My only needs are that when i am in your company , in your servitude, is that i am kept in my stockings, suspenders, bra, panties , maid uniform and heels.
This is my "work" uniform.
You may also place a collar around my neck and shackles , if you wish.

Sex with me is NOT requested or required although , as your servant , you are entirely within your right to ask for any sexual favours if you so desire. i am not expecting or demanding that of you though. All i offer is for you to take advantage of me, to put me in my maids uniform and to put me to work, any other usge is optional.

London UK men only please. It is no use to either of us if we live miles apart and i am not here for cybersex or fantasy .
Naturally , service to gay or bi , single men is welcome too.

i am REAL , i meet and serve for REAL.

Naturally , i would consider maid/slave duties where i would have to travel in the U.K or abroad , but , you would have to pay all my travel expenses in advance.


*** Update ***

Some have said that they WILL require sexual servitude as well as domestic , when i am in their home.

Therefore , below is a general list of my capabilities.

i cannot accept impact pain e.g spanking , slapping, flogging etc... i have no tolerance and it will certainly not motivate me to work harder.

i can provide oral ( prolonged if necessary) and receive "safe" anal.

My only know limit is pain in the form of spanking, hitting, slapping, caning, flogging etc... i have no tolerance for it.

i am open minded about providing the following as a submissive:

Bondage ( can me light with rope etc... or more heavy duty , like iron manacles, cage'ing, sleepsacks etc...). Hoods, gags etc... are acceptable.

Objectification - simply left bound in a corner or cupboard when not needed for housework.

Rimming (prolonged if necessary).

Stuffing, plugging, stretching , fisting - open minded.

TT/CBT/Enemas - open minded.

Human toilet - open minded.

Loaned or hired out to your friends or other men , your choice.

The Master/owner can be the owner a male dog ( four legged).

Naturally , this is just a list that springs to mind - if a Master/Owner requires other sexual servitude duties , not mentioned , then i am open minded.

Please note though - if your primary reason for meeting me is for sex , we are unlikely to meet. My application is for the position of male maid , sex is just optional bonus.

i do not have or send face pictures. There is a partial face pic of me ,
with my hair over my face, on my photos page.

i do not send/share/post my face pic because my friends and family have no idea that i am really a sissy in lingerie who is a slave to men.

If you were seeking a cleaner from an agency in the high street, they are going to send one around , you are not going to ask them for a face picture first. All you care about is that they are value for money, trustworthy and do a bloody good job.

If you do not like my face you are always free to gimp mask me.

i myself am value for money , because i work for free and i do a bloody good job.

If you are asking for my face pic because you wish to see that i am
attractive to you , in order to fuck me , then, your motives are not in tune with mine.

You need to say to yourself ... Do i need a cleaner ? What if the guy turns up and he is ugly ? Does it matter , since he is only here to clean my house ?
OR, is it going to matter to you , because your motive in me visiting is
just to fuck me ???
If that is your primary motive , then, please do not contact me.

If you are in GENUINE need of an unpaid houseboy/male maid/cleaner/lackkie , then please do get in touch for an honest , reliable, unpaid, service.

i serve men aged around 30 to around , an upper limit of 55yrs of age.


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